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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I's been awhile

Hey Everyone! I'm sorry I have kept you all on the edge of your computer seats but I have been sooooo tired. I know. I know. That is a lame excuse. But it is my excuse. Today, over here in Sri Lanka, it is about 8:15 pm and thankfully the week is almost over. I love teaching (don't get me wrong) but I am exhausted. This past weekend we went to Hikkaduwa, which is a city on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is where the beautiful, coral reef beaches are located. We had a good time!! We hung out on the beach, visited a turtle hatchery, did some shopping, and went on a glass-bottom boat ride. We stood in Hikkaduwa for a day (Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon), for we didn't have any school this past Monday due to a religious holiday, known as Poya. So I guess that would explain my laziness. I'm still on Monday-No School mode. But it'll be okay. Mike and Blair are doing well, just in case you are all wondering. And Br. Augustine (NY's Br. Augie) is due here next week. So ladies and gentlemen, that's the 411. I promise not to go too long without posting a blog entry. Oh and P.S., the student in my class who had proposed marriage to me has since bought me presents, which included a cross pendant for a necklace and a ring (that's right, a ring), artwork, arts & crafts, and occasionally brings me fruits. So, you know what that means: Mahesh--3 points, Patrick--NO points.

Until next time...

Look out for my next blog: Mike, Blair, and I are going into the jungle!!! I know what you are all thinking: A Black girl in the jungle--can't wait to hear if she'll survive!?!


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