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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Fun

Hey Everyone!! Here in Sri Lanka it is Sunday, June 25. It's about 11:40 am and I just wanted to write a quick blog to you all about what we did this weekend. Yesterday, we went to St. Benedict's for our weekend seesion of classes. It was fun. We were assigned the 6th and 7th graders. They are so cute. Everyone was excited and asked us numerous questions like if we knew Spiderman personally. And then when the session was done, they crowded around us and asked for our autographs. (That's right, I AM the Beyonce of Sri Lanka!) After school, we came back to the Provincial house and hung out outside by the ocean. Then later in the evening, we went out to dinner at the Cricket Club: a nice, American-esque restaurant. We had a great time--the three musketeers. But the most exciting part of our day occurred when we were coming back home from dinner. The trishaw driver (Sri Lankan cab driver) argued with us and was trying to make us pay more for the cab ride than what we had initially agreed upon. It was crazy! He was threatening us by saying he'd call the police. But you know us Americans. We don't back down. So we told him to call the police because we weren't going to give him extra money. He was confused and called us crazy. After all of the word play, we gave him what we said we would and he had no other choice but to take it. Poor Sri Lankan cabbie; did he really believe he was going to get over on us?!?

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  • hey crazy girl, glad to hear about your adventures in Sri Lanka. The HEOP program at my school did an exchange programs with college student over there a few years ago and now this year the students from their program are visiting us for a month.

    The story about the cab driver was funny because it just proves to show you no matter where you are in the world, one must always encounter the crazy cab driver, lolol.

    I've been trying to make this a productive summer, working and such. Trying to schedule in some fun but we'll see. In the meanwhile when I'm not at work I'm glued to the tv watching the world cup games (go England and Brazil---my two favorites--- David Beckham is hot!!!!). Is there worlds cup fever in Sri Lanka?

    Well nothing too interesting to relate this time, but continue posting your interesting stories. Cuidate y disfrutalo nena....hugs, Edna

    By Blogger Edna, at 12:31 AM  

  • What a cool adventure with a cabbie. I wish I was there. tell Mike I said hello Melissa. I am going to read your blog so stick to it. Don't let those Sri Lankans hustle you. How can they when your from New York! I love you and Miss you. Be careful and safe. Patrick

    By Blogger PatrickDevery, at 11:32 PM  

  • hello........ cepo
    Im happy to hear that all is well.Also,happy to hear that you didnt let that cabbie punk you and your friends. Becareful out there!I wish you were here. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MY TICKECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr.Carter sends his love and he hopes that you can make it the next time. lol. I had a great time thanks to you. MISS U.... LOVE U... YOUR COOLEST TITI

    By Blogger Marta Carter, at 3:36 PM  

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