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Friday, June 23, 2006

It's been One Week

Well, we did it! Mike, Blair, and I have completed one full school week at St. Benedict's College! And what a week it's been! We are all teaching 5 sections of English as well as 2 hours after school and 3 hours on Saturdays. And eventhough this sounds really hectic, it IS. But it is all worth it. The students are so excited that we have come back and many still ask for the original bunch from January (Stefan is asking for you Veronica & Shehan is asking for you Patrick). It is all very exciting but as you all probably expected, it is way more work, which is fine. My only regret is that I will most likely be posting once or twice a week due to our busy schedule. But hopefully once a day. (These Sri Lankans are really getting their money's worth with us - haha.) But it's ok.
My students are wearing me out, but in a good way, since I come home tired everyday. For the time being, my lesson unit is on Writing and Grammar. My kids are picking up fast. Some need additional help, but the after school classes are coming in handy. So all in all, I'm having a great time here. Also, I 've managed to divide my time between St. Bendedict's College and the Primary school. I visit my 5th graders often and spend time with them. My cooperating teacher from January was real happy to see me and Patrick, she says hello. The kids are so cute and smart and happy. But most of all, they are really appreciative and honestly this makes my job so much more rewarding. My rash is gone and I'm feeling much better. We were given a cell phone, of which I've used to call some of you from back home, but the battery died and now I have to buy a calling card. (The Provincial House has set up a phone for us to use.) So don't worry if I don't call too often (you can always log on to the blog).
Lastly, Thank God that Mike Lepetit and Blair Lampe are my travelling companions because they are soooooo great. All we do is laugh and laugh and laugh some more. There couldn't have been a better threesome for this trip. So in a nutshell, I'm ok, and I'm glad I'm here!


  • Thanks, Melissa for the wonderful post. Thanks for all the hard work and we are glad that you are enjoying your time at SBC. Hope you have a great weekend.

    By Blogger Casey Thampoe, at 9:56 AM  

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