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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Are you ready for this?

Hey Everyone! Now, though I hope that you are all enjoying all of my blogs, I hope this blog especially warms your heart. So, if you are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, or even a bad year, read the following blog carefully and hopefully when you've reached the end of it, you'll realize, "Hey, it's not so bad after all." But if you're really smart, you'll be thinking, "Melissa. What a brave soul, but a damn fool!" So enjoy.
Let me inform you all about what's going on in Sri Lanka, and I guarantee you that you will feel better about your life. For starters, I know that you all heard about the army General that was killed on Monday, June 26th just 17 km east of Colombo (the place where I am staying). So ok: "No big deal right?" WRONG. Big deal. Huge deal. I don't care if it's 17 km or 1.7 km. It is still in Colombo. Should I be worried? Yes. Am I worried? Hell Yeah. But you all know this information. As a matter of fact, it should have been on CNN. But if you didn't get your dosage of CNN (I know, that Anderson Cooper can be a bit much at times) that was just an update of Monday's news. Now, let's get to breaking news. You know, news that is happening as we speak.
Today. June 28th. For most of you reading this, it is just a regular day. A work day. A Wednesday. The middle of the week. But for me, it is a lucky day. I am grateful for this day. It marks another day that I am alive. And in Sri Lanka, June 28th, if I am not mistaken, marks the anniversary of the first suicide bombing. Yay!! Can you believe it? The first. It brings tears to my eyes. Literally. And do you know how the Tamil Tigers (Terrorist Group in Sri Lanka) celebrate this day? Anyone? Anyone? That's right. We gotta set off a suicide bomb. It's only appropriate. But we can't set off just a bomb anywhere in Sri Lanka. That's just silly. So, we have to set off a bomb in school!! Yay!! And guess what school was threatened to be a target??...
My school. Yay!!!! But Everyone, please no worries because today, the faculty closely scrutinized the children. That's right. They inspected classrooms, backpacks and desks for bombs! No no. Not pencils and erasers, but bombs. Very worried, I was. See, you can even notice it in my speech since I'm talking like Yoda. But thankfully, or should I say luckily, nothing happened. The school day proceeded with no explosions or deaths. But Bro. Granville, the principal, did insist on cancelling after-school sessions. And boy, did that help. As you can imagine I was provided with the utmost solace when I found out that after-school was cancelled. Now, what he should have done was cancel school for the year and send me home!!!! Man, don't get me wrong, I know that I am the Angelina Jolie of post-college life, but I don't want to die for the cause. I want to teach these students how to spell CAUSE. But I guess it's just not that simple. God Forbid. I have to be in a place where there is a war going on--oh, excuse me: CEASEFIRE (could have fooled me)--to make a damn difference.
But on a happier note, I heard an MP-3 clip (Thanks Ruben) of Jay-Z from the concert that I WAS NOT AT (because I chose to come to a country where there is a war), which made me feel better. This is all very theraputic for me, if not heart palpatating. So I hope all is well in the USA.

P.S. Hey Edna...Soccer--excuse me, Futbol--is VERY POPULAR over here. The Sri Lankans follow it to a tee when they are not blowing each other up.


  • Melissa,
    Sorry to hear that you had a "wild" day yesterday I read about the general's assination in the NY Times. I hope that St. Benedict's is more calm today. I'm sure that the bomb thing was a wild rumor. Just remember my promise to you that if you don't feel comfortable and safe we will make arrangements for you to come back - Casey agrees with me about this. I hope that your classes are going well and that Mike and Blair are enjoying the teaching experience. Take care and keep in touch. My e-mail is
    Do any of you have a cell phone capable of calling the US? If one of you have such a cell phone, I'd like the number. Stay healthy and safe.
    Dean Merriman

    By Blogger william merriman, at 12:20 PM  

  • Hi Melissa,

    Well at least you can say never a dull moment. Only kidding. I think that it is wonderful that you can be under so much stress and still keep your sense of humor. I am glad that you are doing well at St. Benedicts. Say hello to the Brothers for me especially Br. Granville. What is your primary e-mail address? Are you still using MC or did you switch to Google? See if you can post this link on the link section of your blog. This way everyone can read the latest news. Well that is all for now. Regards to Mike and Blair and be well (and safe). You will be home before you know it.

    By Blogger Dr. Peter McCarthy, at 12:03 PM  

  • hey, sorry i havn't reponded to your blogs earlier, the house at long last has been completed this past friday.i wanted to start reading your blgos from the begining (this is your first blog, correct?). Im sorry to hear about all the tribulations you are facing at Sri Lanka but im sure you'll come out alive (hahah, alittle dark, but positive). You've chosen a risky adventure and i think you'll be well rewarded. I'll be usre to write more often and keep you updated with whats new with me. On another note, i did try to go to that jay-z concert at radio city but opted not ot cause i dropped a large sum of cash on a radiohead concert the same month. Ok then, be well i hope the best for you out there and you'll hear from me soon.

    much love


    By Blogger in.c, at 6:22 PM  

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